Some of the many prominent Brand Names we have successfully positioned
in the North American Market

Proven Results
Since 1977

Our unique Brand-Building, 
Marketing & Public Relations skills will produce the 
Competitive Advantage
your Company needs!

“For the past 40 years, J.B. Stanton Communications has been providing Brand Building, Marketing Support & Public Relations exclusively to its Consumer and Professional A/V industry Clients with singularly Pro-Active and highly successful results. During that time, the Agency has established & maintained many now-prominent Brand Names.

“We have been pioneering bringing A/V products to the affluent "Lifestyle" and "Outer-Market" media since the early 90's. Our goal is not just a stack of press clippings, but rather, consistent media coverage in both Trade & 'Outer-Market' media designed to directly support your specific Marketing Plan. And with the rise of the Internet, we've substantially increased the visibility of Clients worldwide — and increased sales of their Distributors.

“Unique for the 'Service industry', the Agency has enjoyed Client relationships for up to 30 years — as we consistently exceed their expectations.”

— Bryan Stanton, Founder/CEO