An audio innovator founded in 1991 by legendary audio designer Nelson Pass. Pass Labs markets its unique amplifiers, preamplifiers and phono preamplifiers throughout the world.


Press Releases

             Pass Labs Introduces New, Single Chasis XP-12 Pre amp
And XP-17 Phono Stage At Munich highend

Pass Labs Delivering New Xs Phono Preamplifier

Pass Labs Responds to Demand With New Headphone Amp

Pass Labs Shows New INT-250 Integrated Amplifier at 2015 RMAF

Pass Labs Introduces Two New, Highly Advanced Integrated Amplifiers

Pass Labs Introduces Highly Advanced New Mono and Two-Channel X.8 Series Amplifiers

Pass Labs Ships Music-Optimized, Two-Chassis, Dual-Monaural Xs Series Preamplifier

Pass Labs Launches New Xs Amplifier Series

Pass Labs Introduces New Flagship Preamplifier at CES

Pass Labs Introduces Ultra High-Quality XP-25 Phono Preamp with Separate Power Supply

Pass Labs Introduces New X260.5 Power Amplifier

Pass Labs Introduces New Audiophile-Ready 30-Watt INT-30A Class A Integrated Amplifier

Pass Labs Exhibits Ultra High Performance XP-10 and XP-20 Preamplifiers

Pass Labs Introduces New Finishes for Its Uncompromising Four-Way SR1 Loudspeaker