Brooklyn, NY December 30, 2015 – Michal Jurewicz, founder and president ofMytek Digital, announced that J. B. Stanton Communications has been named as their Marketing Agency.

Bryan Stanton, founder and president of the 39-year-old Agency, said “It is exciting to be representing Mytek Digital to the consumer market, as they have a tremendous background in designing and building ADDA products for the Pro Recording industry since 1992. and

“Michal has worked in The Hit Factory and Skyline Studios, and also worked on numerous recording projects with world famous artists, Chesky recording sessions, as well as many recording studios in NYC.

“In addition, Mytek has done OEM and consulting work for high quality digital music formats, such as SACD, for many world famous consumer brand names such as Sony. In 2003 Sony also commissioned Mytek to develop a studio DSD mastering recorder. The Mytek Digital brand name may be relatively new to the consumer market, but very well-respected in the Pro side.”

Just one benefit: Extensive DSD expertise acquired in collaboration with Sony SACD Project allow Mytek to debut in 201 in the audiophile consumer market with the best selling, world  first affordable  DSD capable USB2 DAC.

Most recently, Mytek Digital was chosen by Bob Stuart of MQA to be the first to implement the exciting new MQA decoding process in their new Brooklyn DAC, due to the company’s strength in the Pro Recording area. (Mytek is also working with MQA to develop the world’s first MQA-capable A-to-D unit for recording purposes.)

The Brooklyn DAC (shown below) is the first MQA-capable unit to be available to the consumer market, and is shipping now.

See the Mytek Press Room to download this press release and images