Whether you are launching a Consumer or Commercial product line in the U.S., or establishing a technology as a market leader, our strategically planned "Brand-Building" efforts create and sustain industry leadership, and long-term profitable growth.


In Public Relations, clients define results as a steady, consistent flow of outstanding, on-target, on-message media coverage. This is what we are known for and proud of. The Agency pioneered the outreach of A/V coverage to Affluent Lifestyle and "Outer-Market" [ i.e., non-Audiophile] media 25 years ago — and hasn't stopped!


We don't consider our job done when, for instance, an article is published or a technology is acknowledged as the best. Our work succeeds only when the results produce market awareness, creating new clients for our Clients!


The cornerstone of all Client efforts is a comprehensive, prioritized & Pro-Active media program that promotes each Client's On-Target Messaging to all appropriate media. Their core media — any many that the Clients didn't expect, but significantly benefited from.

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