Made in France, Devialet is fast becoming a favorite for Audiophiles, as well as Lifestyle consumers for Custom Installation in a home or yacht. The 240 and its new lower priced siblings: Models 170 & 110, are carved from a solid block of aluminum and finished in distinctive Black Chrome. Whether sitting on a console or mounted on a wall as sculpture, the Devialet is strikingly beautiful, with all connections concealed from view — for tremendous “WAF Appeal”. Its distinctive remote control is augmented by Apple & Android control apps that skillfully mimic the actual remote control. All inputs and other operational features are easily configured/upgradeable on the Devialet website: Attesting to its audiophile quality, Stereophile magazine editor John Atkinson called the Devialet 240 “the most extraordinary product I have reviewed for Stereophile.”


Press Releases

Devialet Introduces Three Elegant, Sophisticated — Profound — Audio Systems

Devialet Selects J. B. Stanton as its Brand-Building, Marketing & PR Agency