J. B. Stanton Communications was retained by CEDIA for several key goals:

  • Maintain awareness in the Trade media to keep present members happy to be part of an active, business-producing organization.
  • Create awareness of the benefits of CEDIA membership to attract new members.
  • Target "Outer Market" consumer media to create awareness in End-Users' media of the necessity of hiring CEDIA professionals.

RESULTS: During our years as CEDIA's Public Relations agency, the organization's membership tripled — largely through increased & consistent awareness in the media.

In addition to promoting CEDIA EXPO to prospective exhibitors and show-goers alike, we exceeded CEDIA requirements by making the Association "Evergreen" — i.e., making sure that CEDIA was covered editorially for 12 month a year......not just in September, the month of each CEDIA EXPO.

In addition to creating & placing press materials, we also employed such tactics as:

  • Persuading key media to contribute space for regular "bylined" columns, authored by both CEDIA and key CEDIA members, appearing in every issue. We edited, polished & placed these columns & articles on a monthly basis.
  • Successfully courted & targeted non-A/V media, such as Men's, Lifestyle, "Shelter" and Business publications to attend the CEDIA EXPO. [Their initial reaction was: "Why should I give up yet another weekend for a Trade Show?"]

BOTTOM LINE: Successfully created a huge Consumer Market awareness of the concepts & benefits of CEDIA-trained Home Theater and Custom A/V Installations.