When our client Boston Acoustics launched the first available tabletop HD Radio, the Receptor HD, JBSC mapped out & successfully delivered a Multi-Market Strategic Promotion. 

Our plan targeted all possible Market Segments, including:

  • Audio & Audio/Video Trade & Consumer media
  • General Consumer & Lifestyle media
  • Technology and business reporters & columnists in newspapers across the country
  • Broadcasting & Radio Station media

We solicited & coordinated reviews of the Receptor HD in major publications, including many by syndicated columnists whose coverage appeared in multiple newspapers across the country. We distributed news updates marking new marketing and technology steps in the radio’s gradual roll out. We served as an information resource for inquiring media, and arranged interviews, often on deadline, with HD Radio experts. We even planned & executed promotions with radio stations across the U.S. to help make their listeners aware of the advantages of HD Radio.

Due to varying responses to the concept of HD Radio among the many media & markets involved, we continually adapted the PR Messaging to reflect Boston Acoustics evolving position, especially given the fast & frequent feedback from today’s Web-based communities.

In a period of six months, the Agencies efforts generated more than 215 articles in the print media, and many more online — including photography of the Boston Acoustics Receptor radio in virtually 90% of the coverage.

Despite a flurry of interference from manufacturers who had not yet delivered their own promised HD Radios, the Agency successfully established Boston Acoustics as the leader in this emerging technology — and established its distinctive Receptor Radio HD as the visual icon of radio’s newest format.