AURALiC arrived in the U.S. market mid-2013 after success in Germany & other markets. Their product philosophy was innovative, as was their approach to technology.

But gaining entry to U.S. dealers was not a “given” just because we created 50+ rave reviews, garnered more than a dozen product & technology awards, and quickly gained the respect of the influential editors in the audio media.

To achieve Marketing success, we followed our Agency’s unique Dual Strategy of: 

  • Achieving “consistency in the audio media” to help drive consumer traffic to their dealers. [There’s more to success than just an occasionally Product Review or Front Cover…]
  • As is our tradition, we established & maintained the Company and people behind the Brand Name, along with their philosophy, technologies and innovative ideas. The product SKU’s will come & go — it’s the Company behind them that must always be paramount.

We handled all aspects of setting up initial American corporation for AURALiC, so dealers — and consumers — would be assured of the company’s strong commitment to the U.S. market.

With the debut of their Lightning DS and ARIES wireless high-resolution music streamer/bridge, AURALiC has been established as the industry leader in this exciting new technology arena.

AURALiC logo.png