With the mission to capture and reproduce every tiny detail in recordings with purity and emotion, AURALiC produces high-end audiophile products both reliable and upgradable. Using the latest digital technologies, their products bring live music back to life.


Press Releases

AURALiC Debuts New ALTAIR: A High-Quality Streaming DAC

AURALiC Names Summer Yin As North America Sales Manager 

AURALiC Launches Version 3.0 of Lightning Streaming Platform Firmware, Adding MQA and RoonReady

AURALiC Expands Streaming Market with Affordable ARIES MINI 

AURALiC Adds DSD256 Streaming Capability to ARIES Wireless Bridge

T.H.E SHOW-Newport: AURALiC U.S. Debut of the ARIES Wireless Streamer Bridge

Munich HIGHEND Show: AURALiC Debuts the ARIES Wireless Streamer Bridge

AURALiC Introduces Industry’s First Wireless Streaming Solution That Supports DSD, Double-Rate DSD, DXD & USB Output to DACs

AURALiC Launches New GEMINI Headphone Docks, Revolutionary Lifestyle Products

AURALiC Promotion Offers Free JPLAY Copy To All VEGA DAC Processor Purchasers

VEGA: Next-Generation Component Combines DAC and Preamp While Supporting All High-Res Audio Formats, Including DSD and DXD

Compact, Elegant Amp Drives Loudspeakers with 400 Watts Plus Package of Advanced, Exclusive Technologies